Michael Bisping Responds To Karyn Bryant Interview Clip: ‘Don’t Use My Name To Get Click Bait’

After being unhappy with how a recent interview clip of Karyn Bryant talking about him was framed, Michael Bisping goes after SiriusXM’s Twitter page

Michael Bisping
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It is no secret that Michael Bisping is not the type of guy to hold his tongue when he feels a certain way. This was seen again recently, when he took issue with the way an interview clip was framed, that he feels used his name for clickbait.

The perception of Bisping has largely changed over the years, in large part due to his work as an analyst on various UFC programs. Most notably was his stint on UFC Tonight, where fans got a firsthand look at his hilarious sense of humor and witty comebacks.

One major example of this came in the form of an exchange between he and Karyn Bryant, over the proper way for a fighter to tuck their chin in a fight. They disagreed on the matter, and in what was seen as a comedic response by many, the former middleweight champ roasted Bryant and told her to essentially read the teleprompter and leave the fight talk to the fighters.

Karyn Bryant Speaks On Lingering Trolls

While this exchange between Michael Bisping and Karyn Bryant happened many moons ago, it was recently brought back up into discussion. This came following an interview from Bryant, which was uploaded to the SirusXM Twitter page.

The interview clip sees Karyn discussing the difficulties that she has faced since that moment, even to this day. Even though she takes the situation as a joke, and knows that he did not mean any malicious by it, she regularly is the target of trolls who reference these remarks from Mike.

“When somebody like our dear friend Bisping, who I adore, I love Michael so much and I love working with him, but that time that he said ‘Shut up and just read the teleprompter’ has haunted me forever, and it will never go away because at least every week someone says something to me,” Bryant said

Michael Bisping Goes Off

This interview clip made its way back to Michael Bisping, and it is clear that he was not pleased. Not so much about Karyn Bryant’s remarks, but instead because of the way the folks running the SiriusXM social media accounts handled the incident.

Posting to Twitter in response, he went off on the satellite radio show for doing what he perceived as using his name to get clicks. He also made it clear that there is no bad blood between he and Bryant, but that the point he made in 2017 was valid.

“I never said shut up, so get your quote correct. And Karyn was arguing with me on a technicality regarding martial arts. My point was valid, even if it was a joke. Don’t use my name to get click bait on your s—tty show,” Bisping wrote before adding

“Karyn was paraphrasing. It was SiriusXM who decided to make a big deal out of it, looking for a clicks. That’s why my tweets are aimed at Sirius and not Karyn. When I see Karyn we’ll have a laugh about it I’m sure.” 

It was clear then that Michael Bisping meant nothing malicious by his remarks to Karyn Bryant that day, and he surely did not mean for it to still affect her to this day. That said, it was entertaining to see him go to town on this media outlet, voicing his frustrations over their actions.

Published on April 2, 2021 at 9:03 am
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