Jorge Masvidal Features Twice On President Donald Trump’s Instagram

Masvidal Recently Campaigned For Trump In The "Fighters Against Socialism" Bus Tour This Past Weekend

Image via Instagram

If Jorge Masvidal was previously humbled that President Donald Trump knew who he was, he’ll be ecstatic to learn he now features twice on his Instagram account as well.

Masvidal recently campaigned for Trump alongside the latter’s son Donald Trump Jr. during a “Fighters Against Socialism” bus tour this past weekend in Coconut Creek, Florida. Trump Jr. would go on to share images of himself and Masvidal on Instagram.

And on Wednesday, the senior Trump would repost them on his own Instagram.

“Awesome bus tour around Florida with the legendary @gamebredfighter talking the perils of socialism and communism. Jorge’s family story is an incredible one and he gets what the democrats plan is and know where that leads. It’s an honor to be in the fight with him.

“🤣🤣🤣It turns out hating socialism isn’t the only thing the Masvidals @gamebredfighter and the Trumps have in common. We also eat way too much McDonald’s (see CNN’s commentary on @realdonaldtrump’s diet) so we had to stop and grab some on yesterday’s fighters against socialism bus tour in Florida. We may be onto something here elite athletes and the President of the United States love McDonald’s maybe there something special in there. My father may attribute his amazing head of hair to McD’s fries as per the articles last week🤣🤣🤣”

Trump notably has over 22 million followers on Instagram so that’s going to be even more fame and eyeballs on Masvidal after the president personally praised him during a recent campaign event late last month.

One fighter who certainly won’t be happy with these developments is fellow Trump supporter Colby Covington is a bitter rival of Masvidal’s. The two welterweights are currently expected to fight each other next though there is no official announcement as of yet.

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