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Jorge Masvidal Pleads For Donald Trump Reelection To Avoid ‘Slippery Slopes Of Socialism And Misery’

Jorge Masvidal Speaks In Support Of Donald Trump Reelection At Rally In Florida

Jorge Masvidal Pleads For Donald Trump Reelection To Avoid ‘Slippery Slopes Of Socialism And Misery’

Although it got delayed a little bit, Jorge Masvidal still joined President Donald Trump on a bus tour around Florida. This event saw him making an impassioned speech in favor of reelecting the Republican candidate.

Colby Covington may be getting phone calls from the President after big wins and attending debates, but Masvidal has been given a slightly different honor. After being shouted out by Trump, the BMF champ was invited to join Trump on a bus tour around Florida. The tour was to go to several locations throughout the state, as they look to promote an anti-socialist agenda, using Jorge’s pull in the area to get additional attendees.

Jorge Masvidal Vouches For Donald Trump

Although this bus tour was delayed, due to Donald Trump battling the coronavirus, Jorge Masvidal finally got to make the rounds in Florida. A brief clip from a news airing showed a small portion of the speech that he gave. Here he asserts his support for the President to be elected for a second term, condemning Trump’s opposition, Joe Biden.

“So since about knee high, I’ve been hearing about the horrors of communism and socialism,” Masvidal said. “We either re-elect President Trump, keep America great again, or we let Joe Biden and the radical left take us down the slippery slopes of socialism and misery.”

This is a pretty bold proclamation from Jorge Masvidal, in support of Donald Trump. The newscaster also says that he discussed his father’s struggles to get to the United States from Cuba, a circumstance that almost certainly sways Jorge’s political views. Regardless of your political affiliations and how you view the President, it is still an insane thing to see fighters like him, or the aforementioned Colby Covington, actively appearing with the Commander in Chief, and speaking on his behalf.

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