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Luke Rockhold Trashes ‘F—king Idiot’ Sean Strickland Over Meth Comments, Sean Fires Back

Luke Rockhold gets disrespectful while explaining the process of being offered a comeback fight against Sean Strickland, prompting a response from Sean

Luke Rockhold Trashes ‘F—king Idiot’ Sean Strickland Over Meth Comments, Sean Fires Back

After weeks of trying to settle on a fight for his return to the Octagon, Luke Rockhold is finally set to fight Sean Strickland this October. Before taking the bout, Luke made some disparaging remarks about Sean, prompting a response from the middleweight contender.

It has been several months since Rockhold revealed that he was looking to make a comeback. In that time, He is listed off several athletes that he would like to test himself against, but he and the UFC were having trouble seeing eye to eye on an opponent.

Finally it seems the former middleweight champion will accept a bout with Sean Strickland, following Sean’s win over Uriah Hall. However as he explained in a recent interview, this was not the first time Luke had been offered the fight, but he had no idea who Sean was at the time, nor is he a fan of Sean’s antics on the microphone, in regards to what his life choices would be if he were not fighting.

“He took a ranking, he did his thing, but he doesn’t help himself in any way shape or form with his style, or his performance on mics,” Rockhold said, before explaining that he was referencing Strickland’s comments about cooking meth in a trailer if he was not fighting.

“(I heard that and was like) ‘Did that just guy really say that?’ then my manager told me that that’s his thing, that he says that every time. I’m like ‘What a f—king idiot.’ …

“They offered me Sean a while back and I just wasn’t interested because he was a f—king nobody. It wasn’t the fight I wanted. It didn’t make any sense. Nobody knew him and I didn’t give two f—ks about him,” Rockhold added.

“I’ve seen Sean in the gym, he’s come through a couple of times so I’ve seen him in there and he’s got a very annoying style, and if you let him get there, he’ll get there. He’s average all around, but he’s confident and he has a very weird little awkward style and he comes forward.”

Sean Strickland Responds To Like Rockhold

As is to be expected from somebody who has gone on record to say that he would be happy killing somebody in the octagon, Sean Strickland was not too happy with the comments that Luke Rockhold made about him. He made that clear the post to his Instagram.

In the video, Sean responds to Luke’s remarks by saying that even if they did not fight in the cage, he would make sure to find him in the gym or the streets. He then went on a profanity-laced tirade, insulting Luke and saying that he would be willing to catch a charge to fight the former champ.

“All these things might be true, but I’ll tell you one thing. Me and you might never fight, I don’t care about fighting in the cage for ego reasons. I like to get paid at something I enjoy. But I’ll tell you f—king one thing. You just can’t live in a radius of me and run your f—king mouth and not expect for me to hit you in the face,” Strickland said, directing his video at Rockhold.

“We don’t need to fight, that’s fine. But I’m going to run into you at RVCA. I’m going to see you in the parking lot, and I’m going to walk up to you and smack you in the f—king face. And you seem like the kind of p—sy that runs his f—king mouth and gets hit and then calls the cops. But you’re such a smug, cocky motherf—ker…

“I would probably take a misdemeanor charge just to smack you and watch your f—king head bounce off the ground. So again, we don’t gotta fight, but don’t run your f—king mouth, because I’m going to see you again, and I’m going to smack you in the f—king face.”

It seems like the fight contracts are not even official yet, but Luke Rockhold and Sean Strickland are already at each other’s throats. It was already exciting to see the former champion return, but to do so in a grudge match makes it all the more intriguing.

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