Video: Jorge Masvidal calling out Brock Lesnar for a past slight is pretty perfect

Jorge Masvidal Calling Out Brock Lesnar

So tempting to just fill up this entire page with South Florida street slang. Jorge Masvidal has single handily brought the phrase super necessary from the 305 to every US area codes.

Don’t know how recent this interview and Brock Lesnar call out is, but it feels super…..not going to say it. Really want to but have to resist for the right moment.

This story of Brock cutting Jorge in line at Whole Foods is just perfect. Security gets involved and now Gamebred calls him out. Shoot your shot and all that.

Really have to get Jorge Masvidal a Whole Foods sponsorship ASAP. The more times Masvidal can wander the aisles of our local Whole Foods, the better off everyone is.

Would you bet against Jorge Masvidal landing some clean punches on the chin of Brock Lesnar? MiddleEasy wouldn’t. Never doubt the powers of Street Jesus in any form of hand to hand combat.

When Street MMA is your base, anything is possible. Praise be Sweet Jesus and his latest offering, amen.

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