MMA Rundown

Inspired by Tito Ortiz’s 25 concussions, this new video ranks the most concussed fighters in MMA

Yeah, just confirmed the thought of this video is really depressing. We know head trauma is a huge risk when it comes to combat sports but unlike broken bones or cuts it’s still unknown or the human brain is even capable of healing from a vicious KO. Thanks in part to medical data related to professional football, the studies of concussion due to head trauma have increased tenfold over the last five years.

Which brings us to Tito Orti’z head and his horrifying claim of having over 25 concussions throughout his MMA career. First all this is Tito Ortiz so take everything he says with a bobble head sized pinch of salt. Next don’t forget about all the head injuries fighters accumulate during a training camp, practice or sparring.

Thanks to highlight maker The Montage King, we have a new video list of the most concussed fighters in MMA history. Cringe watch this video then hope that one day through organized labor future MMA fighters can have some sort of healthcare plan to better deal with head trauma incurred through our favorite sport.

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