Video: Jessica Eye crying uncontrollably after her concussion is hard to watch

Jessica Eye Crying UFC 238

Pretty much as real as it gets. Some folks will criticize the UFC for filming Jessica Eye at the lowest moment of her career. In reality, these backstage videos post-fight are some of the best work the UFC produces.

These videos aren’t meant to be seen by your average fan or media member, but these personal snapshots in time is why MMA is the best sport in the world. Scenes like Eye crying at UFC 238 is what puts MMA over the top. Raw human emotions, attached to the rawest form of fighting known to man.

It’s also important for the UFC to document these moments, because the majority of UFC only fans are as dumb as a box of rocks. No diss.

The type of fans who coach and score the fights while they’re stuffing their face with nachos. Sure guy, you know what’s up and in another life you could have/would have been a great fighter yourself.

To drive that point even further, for every fan who mocked Jessica Eye for getting slept in the biggest fight of her life; this video is for you to. The same folks who turned a crying Daniel Cormier into a meme? This video is for you assholes to.

Those Sunday morning coaches on social media who offer pro fighters advice? Yeah, watch this video to.

This is why fighters should be paid more. Here is why fighters need better health coverage and some sort of retirement pension from the UFC. Hell, Jessica Eye crying post-concussion at UFC 238 is why all UFC fighters need protection from an organized union.

Sure this video will bum you out, but let it also remind how much work goes into being a professional fighter.

Update: Here’s the full video

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