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Bruce Buffer Vows to Announce For “At Least Another 10 Years” After Nearly 3 Decade Career

Long Time UFC ring announcer Bruce Buffer recently said in at interview that he will announce for at least another 10 years on top of his 25 years of service.

Bruce Buffer Vows to Announce For “At Least Another 10 Years” After Nearly 3 Decade Career

Bruce Buffer is the long-time voice of the UFC and a mainstay in MMA. For the biggest cards in the history of the sport, Buffer was present with his trademark voice. The loud suits, one-liners, and fist bumps to fighters have all become synonymous with the position of announcing for the UFC over the last 25 years. But, how will the company look when Buffer decides to call it quits? Luckily, that’s a thought for another day because Buffer believes he will be announcing fights for at least another decade. 

Buffer Reflects on His Nearly Three  Decade Career

Buffer recently sat down for an interview with During the conversation, he spoke about his career, the near future, and still having the hunger to be successful at his occupation. 

“I always give 150 percent every time I walk into the Octagon,” said Buffer. “I’ve said it many times, every time I walk out on Saturday, those are the nights I have to prove I deserve the job. When I am there with no audiences with two great warriors in Stipe and DC, even when there are 50 thousand people in an arena, when the introduction happens it is just me and the fighter. Just enhance the moment.”

Next, Buffer spoke about his passion for the sport. And, although he’s reaching nearly three decades in the business, he plans on keeping his voice strong and performing for at least another 10 years. 

“I’m very humble about it all. I’m all about passion, everything I do is with a passion that is the reason why I announce the way I do,” Bruce Buffer said. “When that passion starts to fade, which is not my case, then yes that is the time I will probably announce it is my time to retire. But, I would say you are stuck with me for at least another 10 years. I’m in great shape and stay in great shape. I’m lucky to do what I do.”

Remaining a Mainstay 

For fans of the sport, it’s comforting to know that change isn’t yet on the horizon. Many fans are still getting over the fact that the iconic voice of Mike Goldberg is no longer in the promotion. Sometimes, change can be good. However, Buffer plans to make sure that his strong voice graces the octagon for years to come. 



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