Bryce Mitchell Implores Parents to Stop Vaccinating Their Kids, Convinced Public Schooling Will Turn His Son Gay

'Thug Nasty' is probably the last parent you want to take advice from.

Bryce Mitchell
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Bryce Mitchell is at it again.

Despite being a top 15 ranked contender in the UFC’s featherweight division, ‘Thug Nasty’ is mostly known for his ignorant commentaries on everything from the earth being flat to evolution being a lie from Satan. He ever went after gravity, claiming to have proof that the thing that keeps us from floating off our home planet is utter bullsh*t. 

Unfortunately, Mitchell has done himself one better in a recent post on social media. Holding his new baby boy, Tucker James, the 16-2 fighter out of Arkansas begged parents to stop vaccinating their children, dubbing it “poison” that causes autism. 

“I want to encourage ya’ll not to vaccinate your children because I think it’s bad for their health,” Mitchell said in a video clip posted on Instagram. “It could potentially kill them. Give them some type of… Make them autistic. Seriously, these vaccines are poisonous. Don’t vaccinate your kids.”

The conspiracy theory linking vaccinations to autism has run rampant in recent years though there is no evidence to support the absolutely ridiculous claim. If you need more info on that, you can find it right here via the Centers for Disease Control website. 

Bryce Mitchell Believes Public Schools With Turn His Son into a Gay Communist Satan Worshipper

Sadly, Mitchell wasn’t quite done. Aside from lambasting vaccines that help protect his child from a slew of life-threatening viruses, he also declared his intention to homeschool his son. Certainly not a new concept and one that many parents have embraced for several reasons. Unfortunately, Mitchell’s reasons are far from noble or even reasonable. 

“Tucker’s also going to be homeschooled,” Mitchell continued. “We’re gonna have to homeschool all our kids or they’re going to end up turning gay and that’s the reason I’m gonna homeschool Tucker. I don’t want him to be a communist, I don’t want him to worship Satan, and I don’t want him to be gay.

“Out of the public schools, they took the most valuable book of all time. The number one selling book of all time. The oldest, most accurate historical document there ever was — the bible. They took it out of the schools and replaced it with Edgar Allen Poe who shacked up with his cousin. My son ain’t gonna be reading no Edgar Allen Poe. He’s going to be reading the bible. That’s just how it is and I’m just telling you, if you don’t teach your kid these things, it’s gonna be fed right to the devil and we’re not gonna let that happen here.”

In some circles, they would call this indoctrination, not education. 

Sounds like Josh Emmett’s horrifying knockout shot did more damage than we originally thought.

Published on May 22, 2024 at 10:00 pm
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