Andrei Arlovski apologizes for using homophobic slur on people who said he had a glass chin

Andrei Arlovski Apologizes

this was a thing that happened. In the heat of the moment, should there be an uproar around Andrei Arlovski using a homophobic slur? MMA has been down this path so many times already and very little has changed.

In a sense, MMA is like hip-hop is when it comes to the use of homophobic slur. 15 years ago, maybe even 10, slurs were used on the regular inside the hip-hop community. Now? Most if not all of that language use has been pulled back in terms of lyrics.

Then there is MMA, still operating on it’s own timeline and bubble of social issues. Like Andrei Arlovski is 40 years old and English is his second language. Could be off, but it feels like The Pitbull didn’t know what he was saying.

MMA Junkie on AA messing up and apologizing for it.

Moments later, Arlovski sounded off on critics of his rough patch and anyone who questioned his ability to take damage by using the derogatory term.

“Once again I will tell everyone shut your (expletive) mouths about my ‘glass chin,’ so go f*ck yourself, fa**ots,” Arlovski said. “That’s it. I proved to everyone you’re f*cking wrong.”

On Sunday, Arlovski apologized for using the homophobic slur in a statement to MMA Junkie.

“I apologize to anyone I offended with my poor choice of words,” Arlovski said. “I did not mean to offend any one group or person. I am deeply sorry and will not use these type of words in the future.”

And on AA having a glass chin? Maybe these trained UFC heavyweights just hit really damn hard. How many human beings on earth can take high level punches to the chin and not go to sleep?

Junkie continued and LOL to anyone who thought the UFC would do anything about this.

When contacted by MMA Junkie, the UFC acknowledged Arlovski’s inappropriate language.

“UFC is aware of the recent remarks from heavyweight athlete Andrei Arlovski,” the promotion said in a statement. “The organization does not condone any disparaging comments regarding race, religion and/or sexual orientation. We have already addressed this issue directly with Andrei and his team. This is an ongoing priority for the organization, and there will be continued monitoring of these types of situations moving forward.”

So Andrei said some ignorant and offensive stuff, the apologized for it? That’s where MMA is at in 2019. Rinse and repeat. Don’t think anyone has the energy to be mad at The Pitbull for this one.

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