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Amanda Nunes, Macy Chiasson Mock Valarie Loureda For Sexy Dance Videos

Amanda Nunes, Macy Chiasson Mock Valarie Loureda For Sexy Dance Videos

Valarie Loureda’s Sexualized Content Sparks Responses From Amanda Nunes and Macy Chiasson

Valarie Loureda has been posting some steamy pictures and videos to her social media. This has gotten the attention of Amanda Nunes and Macy Chiasson, who both had different reactions to the situation.

As good of a fighter as Loureda may end up being, chances are you are not familiar with her because of her fighting skills. The 2-0 prospect in Bellator’s flyweight division has gained a serious amount of followers, but not all of them are fight fans. Instead, it would appear that a lot of them are fans of videos like this:

This video caused quite the stir in the MMA community, with mixed reactions from the fans. While some enjoyed it, others felt it cringey and unnecessary. This mixed bag of emotions spread to the fighters too, with UFC Bantamweight and Featherweight Champion Amanda Nunes even made a video, with her own version of the dance, to poke fun at the Loureda.

This prompted a response from Valarie, who said that she loved the video. However not everyone was as jovial as Amanda Nunes. TUF winner Macy Chiasson took to her own Twitter, tearing into Loureda for this type of content, which sparked a long debate between the two. They clearly disagree as to the nature of this type of content, and how women in MMA should promote themselves.

It seems that you sit on one side of the fence or another for this issue. Some people, like Macy Chiasson, feel that this is degrading to women, and a step back in the sport. On the other hand, fighters like Amanda Nunes realize that it is all in fun, and that people can promote themselves however they want.

How do you feel about these videos from Valarie Loureda?

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