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Alex Hernandez Flexes His Toughness Towards Coronavirus: “I Probably F**ked It Up”

Alex Hernandez Flexes His Toughness Towards Coronavirus: “I Probably F**ked It Up”

Alex Hernandez Flexes His Toughness Towards Coronavirus

UFC Lightweight Alexender Hernandez was once known as the UFC’s wunderkind. But, after taking his first loss in the organization, Hernandez has a reputation for expressing himself freely to the media. In the past, Alex was brash towards his opponents which he defined as self-belief, In the latest conversation with the media, Hernandez spoke about how the coronavirus tried to conqueror him, but it failed.. probably.

By now, everyone understands the implications that the virus has had on the UFC. First, it forced UFC Brasilia to be held inside a stadium without an audience. Fans of the promotion were certainly not used to an event of that magnitude being a closed-door event.

Then, the organization had to postpone three events in a row due to state-to-state self-quarantine rules. After that, they dealt with an influx of movement from fighters, and venues, making it almost impossible to host Tony Ferguson vs Justin Gaethje. Now, the promotion is set to have their UFC 249 event held on May 9th.

Hernandez Speaks About Coronavirus

In the latest news surrounding the UFC and the virus, fighter Lyman Good was the first to test positive in the promotion. Fighters like Roger Gracie have documented their recovery from the virus, saying that he has already had it. Alistair Overeem made it clear that he’s not afraid of the virus and probably already had it. Now, Hernandez has spoken to MMAFighting about the coronavirus and if it tries to attack him, he’ll probably beat it.

“He (Hernandez’s head coach) got sick. thought I caught some s**t at some point where I just had to fight through it and train. I didn’t indulge the fears, and when I got sick I just kept working. I f**kin’ ate that s**t up. COVID’s probably trying to deal with me right now, trying to figure out the antibodies to conquer my s**t. I probably f**ked it up,” said Hernandez.

Reacting to the Statements

The fans reacted to the message by stated their feelings towards Hernandez. Which are usually negative feelings when it comes to his approach to mixed martial arts. However, if Hernandez wants to flex his toughness towards the coronavirus, it’s his prerogative.

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