Nate Diaz the Nor-Cal ninja will be fighting Conor McGregor?

Nate Diaz is pissed off.  Well, he seems perpetually in a state of pissed off, like some sort of mean mug homeostasis, but last night he was especially hype. Diaz pressured Michael Johnson and stacked one-two’s on his dome piece at will while taunting in top Diaz form. It was nuts from the very start.


  <!–IMAGE images/stories/organizations/ufc/kimboslice.jpg IMAGE–><p><img src=”images/stories/organizations/showtime/kimbo2.jpg” border=”1″ hspace=”35″ vspace=”10″ align=”right” />YES! YES! I stopped everything I was doing (nothing) to break the news that Kimbo Slice has been confirmed for Season 10 of The Ultimate Fighter! YES! Admit it, even if you hate the guy (although he’ll fight you until you love him) you have to

Watch Diego Sanchez’s drunk acceptance speech from last night

After Robert Oppenheimer‘s ‘Trinity’ nuclear experiment was successful, he sat down with the media and explained what went through his mind after seeing the world’s first hydrogen bomb detonated. He really couldn’t piece together any coherent words so he just went with a quote from the Bhagavad Gita to sum up every emotion that flowed

Aoki just broke Hirota’s arm in an exhibition of rawesomeness

I can’t type fast enough. Literally, I can’t believe what we all just witnessed. According to someone at Sherdog, the Aoki vs. Hirota fight was cut from the Japanese broadcast. Look, dude just broke his arm. Yeah, Aoki just broke Hirota’s arm. You can see the exact moment the bone cracks and slides into his

Bas Rutten thinks Josh Barnett is a liability to MMA

Everyone raise your hand if you purchased three non-refundable round-trip tickets to Anaheim, California in order to attend one of the biggest MMA events in 2009? Alright, now raise your hand if you drank yourself into a stupor when you found out Affliction: Trilogy was canceled? Now, raise your hand if you finished a comic

Shinya Aoki and Yoshida will be in EA Sports MMA

This is your last chance to hop on the Shinya Aoki bandwagon before it leaves your neighborhood. It only comes around once a year so kiss your parents goodbye and don’t forget to pack your toothbrush. Look, I even saved a seat for you. Today, EA Sports MMA announced that Shinya Aoki will grant everyone

Dan Hardy says the pressure is all on GSP, not him

Dan Hardy told us he has an Xbox problem. So do we. That’s probably the only thing we have in common with the guy. He has a hot girlfriend, we don’t. He’s the number one welterweight contender in UFC…I got a buy one get one free coupon at Arby’s which makes me the number one

Exclusive interview with Dan Hardy

The last time we ran into Dan Hardy, we had no clue what we were doing with this site. We still don’t, but back then we really didn’t know. Somehow we managed to get a press pass to the International Mixed Martial Arts Expo in Southern California and our reporter, Elena Lopez, located Dan Hardy