Carano improving her ‘submissions’ with Couture

The fact that Carano is training with anyone for her August 15th fight against Cyborg just makes me overly jealous. The type of jealously I assume Starscream felt towards Megatron from 1984-1987. Would I rather be training Gina Carano in her ‘submissions’? Yes. Would I have anything to teach her? No. Is it annoying to

Cro Cop leaves UFC for Dream…to fight Jose Canseco!

Cro Cop has left the UFC just as swiftly as he came in to join DREAM in Japan…and there is nothing Dana White can do about it. Enjoy yesterday, because that’s the last you will see Cro-Cop in a UFC octagon. Dana White signed a one fight deal with Cro Cop to get him in

Jeremy Horn has the most recorded fights in MMA history

That’s right. Jeremy Horn told us he’s been in over 140 MMA fights (he holds the record, if there is one). He’s fought and beaten some of the best (including Gilbert Yvel, Chael Sonnen, a young Chuck Liddell and psychopath turned MMA fighter Forrest Griffin. The dude doesnt even think like us. He thinks like

Breaking News: Matt Leinart vs. His entire NFL career…confirmed!

The only reason to train in something that involves getting your arm ripped off is if you’re getting paid for it. If you’re getting paid to not get your arm ripped off, then you should train in something that involves not getting your arm ripped off. Matt Leinart training in MMA while the starting quarterback

Exclusive interview with Jeremy Horn

  We can’t even think like Jeremy Horn. Any dude that has fought 140 MMA fights is in a different dimension. They probably don’t even think in objects and words but just how many times they can punch things in the face before it drops to the ground. Dude has fought over 100 times and