This view from the stands of Etihad Stadium reminds us that MMA sucks unless you can be up close

The gladiatorial arenas in Rome and ancient Greece were extremely small relative to today’s giant stadiums, which makes sense, because those cultures were all about pleasure. From making love to anything, anywhere, anytime to promoting battles to the death, you knew you were about to see something interesting for your meager wages. And frankly, you would see it up close. Not today. Now, you’re going to pay a solid day’s wage to see two tiny little figures fight each other. Sure, the crowd noises will be cool, but you might be better off just ordering the fights in HD on PPV. That’s what we think, at least.

Submission Radio got a good view of inside Etihad Stadium which is hosting UFC 193, and we must say that this just wouldn’t be very fun unless you dropped a few grand on tickets that got you way up close to the action. That said, we look forward to seeing a massive crowd on TV. That will be fun. Yeah. Go Ronda.

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