Best Black Ufc Fighters

15 Best Black MMA Fighters of All Time

The UFC is the leading mixed martial arts organization in the world by far, and as time passed by the popularity of the sport also increased with more people interested in MMA now than ever. Today, the UFC has over 650 active fighters on their rosters and hosts over 40 events a year.  As the

Taekwondo Belt Levels

Taekwondo Belt Levels and Ranking Guide

Taekwondo is one of the most practiced martial arts in the world, yet people are still confused about how the Taekwondo belt system works. What makes it confusing about the belt system is that it’s very different to other traditional martial arts. So in this piece I’ll break down everything to do with Taekwondo. What

Blue Belt vs. Purple Belt 

The Differences Between Blue Belt and Purple Belt 

The martial arts belting system can be traced back to Kano Jigoro, the founder of Judo. The belts, or obi as they were known in Japan, were much thicker back then, and only consisted of two colors: black and white. It was his student, Mitsuyo (later Otavio) Maeda, that traveled to Brazil in 1914 and

Top 10 Elbow Wars

The Best Elbow Wars and KO’s in MMA and Muay Thai

The elbow strike is one of the most effective and practical weapons from a self defense perspective. For this reason, it is used in some martial arts like Muay Thai, Krav Maga, and Lethwei. However, not all martial arts agree in the effectiveness of the elbows, at least from a sporting perspective. In fact, they

Improve Suplex Technique

Improve Your Suplex Technique

The suplex is one of the most exciting but dangerous moves in wrestling. It is an offensive move, allowed in both amateur and professional circuits. It involves flipping an opponent over the head, and onto their back. They can be performed from all angles, but the most common are either a ‘front facelock’ or ‘belly

Choose A Martial Arts Gym

How to Choose a Martial Arts Gym

Whether you are a novice or a professional, choosing a suitable martial arts gym deserves time and proper consideration. It’s all too easy to rush a sign-up based purely on location, price, or to train with a famed coach or athlete. While there are advantages to considering either or all of these factors, choosing a

Custom double knockout image via @MIDDLEASY

Street MMA: Slam Double Knockout Leaves BOTH Competitors on DREAM STREET

What could possibly be more embarrassing than getting punched in your face and knocked out on camera? Especially in a street fight, which more than likely will go viral on the internet for the entire world to see. The internet is a permanent place, and these captured moments live on forever. However, what if you

Memorable Moments in Boxing History

Top 7 Most Memorable Moments in Boxing History

Also known as the “Sweet Science” boxing is the most popular fighting style in the world. And many people consider a boxing match to be the purest form of fighting. A very few sports can match the level of a thrill behind every boxing fight. Over the years, there have been many great moments that came

Legends Of Muay Thai

 Legends of Muay Thai’s Golden Era

The ‘Golden Era’ of Muay Thai existed from the 1980’s to the mid 90’s and is considered the pinnacle of the sport. This fifteen year period exhibited Thailand’s best and most revered fighters. It is said that the quality of fights and athletes has never again been able to reach the same heights. We still

Top Muay Thai Fighters

Top Muay Thai Fighters to Follow on Instagram

Over a billion people use Instagram every month with over 500 million active users daily. It is consistently one the biggest social media platforms to date however it is not without its criticisms and scrutiny. It has been found to have negative effects on mental health contributing to depression and anxiety as well as loneliness

Muay Thai Is The Best Martial Art

Reasons Why Muay Thai is the Best Martial Art

Muay Thai, the national sport of Thailand, is an ancient martial art form that is derived from a form of hand to hand combat used by the first Thai army. It is also known as ‘the art of eight limbs’ as the hands, elbows, knees and shins are used to replace fallen weapons on the

Bjj Is The Best Martial Art

10 Reasons Why BJJ Is The Best Martial Art

Over the last two decades, BJJ has emerged as one of the most popular martial arts. Thanks to the growing audience of MMA, many people began recognizing BJJ as the most effective style. Due to the large scale of benefits, modern BJJ is equally popular among all ages and genders. Above all, it supports you

Kobe Bryant

MMA Community Mourns On Tragic Death Of NBA Legend Kobe Bryant

Most Recognizable Five-Time NBA Champion Kobe Bryant Lost His Life In Helicopter Crash Kobe Bryant, a famous NBA player, and his 13-year old daughter lost there lives in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California, on Sunday. TMZ confirmed the news. Kobe retired from sports back in 2016. The former Los Angeles Lakers superstar was traveling

Fight Club

Russian Fight Club Exposed, Featuring Several School-Aged Teenagers

Fight Club Featuring Middle And High Schoolers Exposed In Moscow The first rule of fight club? Don’t make one that involves a bunch of middle school and high school students fighting with no rules. A Russian reporter, working for okha65.ru, recently uncovered a huge fight club, inside of a Moscow school. According to reports, a

Arnold Schwarzenegger Attacked

WATCH: Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets DROPKICKED At Arnold Classic In South Africa

Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets Kicked In South Africa Well, you can file this under “things no one expected to happen” category. Arnold Schwarzenegger just got drop kicked in the back in a bizarre attack from a man with yet unidentified motives. Arnold is currently in South Africa promoting the South African leg of his Arnold Classic