‘Reckless’ Logan Paul Reveals A 40mm Screw In His Hand After Being A ‘Loose Cannon’ In Germany

Paul has a crazy story on how he broke his hand.

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Logan Paul has a 40mm screw lodged in his hand. 

Despite having a 40mm screw implanted in his right hand, YouTube boxer Logan Paul is confident he will return to the ring.

The social media sensation had quite the story to how it got there. It all started when Paul had too much to drink while in Hamburg, Germany. A drunk Paul thought it would be a good idea to try the punching machine… because the ‘boxer’ did end up going the distance with Floyd Mayweather. 

‘I Was Feeling Like A Bit Of A Loose Cannon’

In his attempt of punching the bag, Paul would also punch a wall. He’d end up breaking his hand from that. Ouch.

“I was very reckless during this point in my life,” Paul explained. “After all I just accidentally drunkenly broken my hand in Germany by punching a wall. I didn’t really give a f*ck about many things. I was feeling like a bit of a loose cannon.”

The ‘loose cannon’ would be hospitalized not long after accidentally punching a wall. Let’s just say Paul’s recovery was ‘unorthodox’ to say the least with the star drinking and smoking on his hospital bed. 

“So in hospital after my surgery, which went well by the way, I now have a 40mm screw in the centre of my hand and after months of physical therapy I can make a fist now so it looks like I’ll be boxing again. In the recovery room, I had a friend wear a nurse outfit and a very red wig and straddle me while pouring tequila in my mouth while I was holding a joint.”

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