Katie Taylor Earns Redemption, Defeats Chantelle Cameron via Majority Decision – Cameron vs. Taylor 2 Results (Highlights)

Taylor delivered the performance of a lifetime, claiming the undisputed super lightweight title after 10 entertaining rounds of action

Katie Taylor
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After winning the first 22 fights of her career and establishing herself as one of the greatest female boxers of all time, undisputed lightweight champion Katie Taylor finally suffered her first professional loss when she made the move to super lightweight to take on undisputed champ Chantelle Cameron.

On Saturday, Taylor had a chance for revenge when the two ran it back with Cameron’s undisputed champ status on the line once again.

Round 1

Cameron comes out and immediately looks to establish her jab. Cameron throws a hook and Taylor fires back. Cameron moves in close and Taylor unloads a combination ending with a right hand that connects. Cameron continues to pump the jab and appears to connect, catching Taylor off balance. Taylor goes down to the canvas, but the referee rules it as a slip and not a knockdown. A three-punch combo from Taylor partially lands and Cameron responds with another solid jab as the first round ends. 

Round 2

Cameron lands a solid right hand to kick off the second round. Taylor responds with a combination. Cameron begins to close the distance. Taylor clinches and delivers some body blows inside before being separated. A nice check hook from Taylor lands as Cameron continues to bring on the pressure. Cameron moves in and the two fighters clash heads, but no damage is done. 

A right hand from Taylor connects and Cameron responds with a big right hand. As the final seconds tick down, both fighters let their hands go against the ropes which gets the crowd on their feet. 

Round 3

Cameron stays aggressive in the third, targeting Taylor’s body with a jab before going up top. Cameron moves Taylor into the corner, but a solid combination from Taylor gets the crowd going once again. A right from Cameron connects and Taylor counters with a jab. A three-punch combo from Cameron backs Taylor to the ropes once again, but Taylor isn’t backing down, unloading a flurry of strikes. 

With the round coming to a close, Cameron moves in and both women once again let their hands go, but a clash of heads on the entry opens up Cameron on the left side of her forehead. 

Round 4

With Cameron now bleeding, Taylor has a target and immediately looks to bust open Cameron a bit more. The referee halts the bout momentarily to have a doctor look at Cameron’s cut. The doctor allows the fight to continue and Cameron immediately goes back on the offensive, but Taylor is giving everything Cameron throws right back to her. 

A terrific left-right combination from Taylor lands followed by a jab. Taylor is working her jab, alternating between the head and the body of Cameron. The defending champ stays aggressive, but she appears to be slowing down as Cameron’s head once again begins bleeding profusely.

Round 5

Cameron begins her fifth-round attack with the jab, but her attempts to land fall short. Cameron hesitates as she moves Taylor toward the ropes allowing Taylor to deliver a flurry of strikes before circling away. A jab from Taylor lands as Cameron stalks her prey. Cameron again pushes Taylor back and lands a jab to the body, but is unable to muster much offense as the round comes to a close. 

Round 6

Cameron quickly closes the distance in the sixth and looks to do a little dirty boxing. Taylor engages, attacking the body before the referee steps in and separates them. Cameron again moves in and Taylor lands a short right hook before Cameron retreats. A big combination from Taylor lands, igniting the crowd once again. A right hand followed by a jab from Taylor lands as Cameron clinches up.

A nasty right hand for Cameron lands. Cameron throws a 1-2, but Taylor responds with a combination of her own before they clinch up and ride out the remainder of the round. 

Round 7

Double jab from Cameron to start the round. Taylor responds with a big right hand. Taylor moves in and Cameron holds her in a headlock, much to the chagrin of the live crowd. They again move in close and trade blows in the phone booth, but Taylor’s speed continues to get the best of the exchanges. A lazy jab from Cameron misses the mark as she moves in and nearly clashes heads once again. 

Cameron ducks inside and Taylor unleashes a flurry of strikes. Cameron comes right back with a right. Taylor circles out back to the center of the ring where she unloads a three-hit combo just before the bell sounds. 

Round 8 

Cameron comes out aggressive but complains to the referee when it appears that Taylor is holding her eye while attempting to break away. A jab from Cameron partially lands followed by an uppercut inside that narrowly misses the mark. Taylor appears to be slowing down as Cameron picks up the pace and is starting to land in close. A short left followed by a right from Cameron lands as Taylor attempts to clinch up. 

Separating with seconds to go, Taylor lands a big right hand, but it appears that Cameron is starting to take over.

Round 9

Katie Taylor comes out for the penultimate round sporting a hematoma on her forward. Cameron continues to pick up the pace, walking down Taylor and unloading, but Taylor has no intentions of backing down, firing back with each blow that Cameron delivers. Taylor clinches before going right back to work with a combination as Cameron moves in. Cameron repays her with a flurry of her own.

Taylor throws a big right hook before clinching up. Cameron is bleeding from her forehead once again, but that doesn’t stop her from pressing forward. The round ends with Cameron pushing Taylor into the corner and clinching. 

Round 10

With the fight on the line, Cameron comes out swinging believing she may need a finish. As Cameron puts on the pressure, Katie Taylor continues to clinch, which appears to frustrate Cameron. Taylor fires a jab and gets one right back. Cameron works her way back inside and lights up Taylor. The crowd is absolutely electrifying as Taylor lands a big body blow in the clinch. 

Completely exhausted, both women clinch up against the ropes and appear to be content letting the clock run out on what was undoubtedly one of the best boxing matches of 2023.

Official Result: Katie Taylor def. Chantelle Cameron via majority decision (95-95, 98-92, 96-94) to win the undisputed super lightweight world championship

Check Out Highlights From Chantelle Cameron vs. Katie Taylor 2 Below:



Published on November 25, 2023 at 6:27 pm
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