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Street MMA: Man Spits On Oranges, Gets Slapped Into The Shadow Realm

Street MMA: Man Spits On Oranges, Gets Slapped Into The Shadow Realm

Street MMA Serves Man A Hot Plate Of Sweet Revenge

There might not be any sanctioned mixed martial arts action happening right now, but street MMA? That needs no athletic commissions or regulation to take place.

There are few things in this world that provide instant karma as much as street MMA does. Although sometimes things can backfire, more often than not comeuppance is served. It is honestly a beautiful sight to see.

Such was the case with our latest entry to the list of brutal moments in the streets. A recent video has been making the rounds of a man in a grocery store, spitting on oranges. There is no telling what possessed him to do this, but it seems likely that he is one of those people who feel that the current global health crisis is not that serious, so he was choosing to potentially infect others. Regardless, the reasoning did not make a difference as the worker next to him decides to skip the three-piece and soda and go straight for the dessert, slapping the man into the ground.

Now that is the type of slap that would make the Diaz brothers proud, “Stocking 808s!” or whatever it is they say. To be fair, though there is no way of knowing what the previous events were that led up to the video. Nevertheless, it seems that whatever was going on, justice was served.

In terms of street MMA, this may not have been the most brutal display. However it serves as a great reminder that tensions are high among everybody during these difficult times. Perhaps it is not the best idea to spit on another man’s produce.

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