A Lesson in Street MMA: David still beats Goliath’s ass in 2019

Street Mma David Goliath

Said it before and MiddleEasy says it again, there are no weight classes in Street MMA. No judges, no walk outs, sometimes entrance music and sometimes a ref, but there are never any weight cutting in a street fight.

The essence of Pride and the UFC 1 tournament still runs through the veins of these Streets. To be honest, it’s great to see the no holds barred way of life going strong in 2019. It’s also great to see obvious weight disadvantages be thrown out the window all in the name of our personal entertainment.

When beef has to be squashed, hands have to be thrown what looks like after school somewhere. The lessons and laws of Street MMA welcome all ages. Teach them young, pay it forward, and encourage the youth of the world to settle their differences by getting some hands.

Our boogie with the hoodie below throws caution to the wind and squares up with an average high school kid or ginormous seventh grader. The face off is downright biblical.

Unlike the Fight Gods, the Street Gods are generally always pleased.

Have no idea who the bully or who isn’t the bully in this situation is, but human nature has us pulling for the underdog. Then the big dude in the black tee tosses out one lazy jab and the fight is all but over.

Respect the hand speed and respect the Street MMA IQ to work the body like no other. Bas Rutten smiles down on our grey hoodie hero. Watch below for David piecing up Goliath with body work like no other.


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