A Lesson in Street MMA: Running drop kicks are the only way to open a WMMA fight

Running drop kicks FTW. When the gameplan you brought to the Street MMA throw down just isn’t enough, just spam your special move. As Street Fights evolve, the gender gap continues to close with ladies, women and teen girls settling their beefs across the globe by mixing their martial arts wherever they damn well please.

From what appears to be either a bus stop or a grassy grove, we have two women who have entered the realm of Street MMA to settle whatever debate where words just weren’t enough. Don’t blink because bleached blond girl in long sleeves just spit on the sanctity of opening the fight with a bare knuckle dap and just launched a running drop kicks based offense that connected right on the money(tummy).

That’s how you start a Street Fight, charge your spirit button and get the crowd firmly in your corner.

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