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A Lesson in Street MMA: The House Party Comeback

Always be weary of men wearing cut-off shirts talking trash to each other within a social environment in which everyone is drinking from the same type of cup. We’re not trying to marginalize here, but more often than not, a Street MMA bout will take place, the referees will jump up and down yelping, and a suckerpunch comeback shall fuel the songs of the night.

The match begins when Red Shirt is clearly dissed by what can only be the most sharp insult heard in that kitchen for years. He Steps back, ponders his options (with hand on chin) then decides the best course of action is to knock the funny right out of Gray Shirt. What he didn’t expect was for Gray Shirt to absorb the punch, come at him, get the double underhooks, start head-butting, then swing the tide of battle en route to a TKO victory.

All without tipping over a single cup.

And with that, #StreetMMAMonday concludes. Unless, of course, more Street MMA comes in. But I’m mentally prepared to walk away now. It was a wild, vertically-filmed few hours, and I’ll never regret it. 

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A Lesson in Street MMA: The Brotherly Love Double Punch To Knockout
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