A Lesson in Street MMA: If you yell Worldstar enough, a drunk person will do something violent

Are Worldstar Hip Hop and Street MMA spiritual cousins? At one point Worldstar Hip Hop was known for featuring underground rap videos and other viral content nuggets before the word viral was even a word. Then WSHH kind of got swallowed up by the sheer amount of drunken and high school fights that were uploaded to the site.

Could WSHH start their own MMA promotion? How many people that scream “WORLD STAR” during acts of Street MMA filmed in vertical mode know that Worldstar Hip Hop is an actual website in 2018?

From outside a bar in Vancouver we have some mystic amateur filmmakers calling their Worldstar shot before any punches have even been thrown. They don’t know but they predict these things. Also, nearly every dude in this video is wearing a plain black shirt here.

Rumor is if you say ‘wwwwwwwoooooorrrrrrllllddd star’ three times after 1:00 AM a random act of Street MMA will break out before your very eyes. Let’s watch one dude in a black tee hit a one punch walkoff KO on another dude in a black tee.

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