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Video: Matt Serra Demonstrates that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Rules Street MMA, Holds Down a Drunk in Vegas

Video: Matt Serra Demonstrates that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Rules Street MMA, Holds Down a Drunk in Vegas

The Long Island Legend continues…

In the endless conflict between drunk assholes who think they can fight, and people who actually know what they are doing, nothing has served the cause of the true martial artist quite like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Nothing else allows an fighter to calmly humiliate and painlessly dominate a helpless drunk quite like a savage top game. Make it a UFC Hall of Fame mount, and throw in a completely clueless drunk, and you get some internet gold.

Enter stage right, Matt Serra. World famous for knocking out GSP, but also for being one of America’s first Gracie black belts training directly under Renzo Gracie. He famously placed second in the 2001 ADCC in Abu Dhabi after resigning in the final after dominating one of the most competitive groups in ADCC history.

Enter stage left, random drunk dude who thinks he can fight. After apparently being an asshole to the wait staff and threatening people, it seems like our random, shirtless drunk was ready to test anyone. Shockingly, this did not go well for him.


Nothing changes a drunk dude’s intentions quite like the presence of police. Before casino security shows up, he wanted nothing more than to murder Matt Serra. After they arrived, he wanted nothing more to press charges against this brutal Italian thug sitting on his chest. Humiliation being replaced by the sudden realization that you’re going to jail can have that effect.

My favorite part of the incident is when security arrives and tells Matt Serra he has to get off the drunk. His response to the obese security guard and how incredulous he sounds when he asks if the guard is up to the task of holding him down is hilarious.

It seems like TRT Matt Serra saw this coming ahead of time. He posted this video right before of the drunk he would later mount, and watched the guy play Weekend at Bernie’s with his lady friend. A bit of foreshadowing that this guy might become a problem.


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