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A Lesson in Street MMA: Fighting drunk hurts your takedown defense and gets you soccer kicked

Don’t fight drunk. Maybe it’s not possible to compete in the Street MMA arena without a little liquid courage and if this is the case just be less drunk than your opponent. Like any good plan in combat sports the old “have a lower blood alcohol level than your opponent” strategy almost always applies in any Street Fight you may find yourself in.

From outside a local bar, late at night, somewhere in the United States we have shirtless drunk dude versus stumbling drunk guy; a style match-up as old as time. The bout opens with one drunk man attempting to cut off the parking lot from another drunk but they’re both too liquored up to employ this tactic. Then they clinch up! Oh, then they forgot how to clinch up and let it go.

Time for a fight reset to think over their plan of attack or ponder if KFC is still open.

One dude trips during a chase then the other dude trips over his own feet. Here comes a takedown attempt. There goes a grappling stalemate. The parking lot pavement has picked up the most takedown points for at least the first half of this Street MMA battle.

Lots of missed strikes due to heavy breathing, before the fight comes to an end via a soccer kick out of nowhere!?!? The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat as well as a morning headache from both too much alcohol and a swift kick to your tender skull.