A Lesson in Street MMA: bring a baby to a fight and get put to sleep

There is no daycare during street MMA. Maybe one day street MMA fighters who happen to be parents will fight for equal rights but today in this backyard it is not that day. Sorry Junior, Daddy has some street fighting to do so no Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. Today your classroom is this backyard somewhere in the Deep South.

Whoever was filming this street fight that eventually turned into a brutal KO is also probably a Mommy. Her parental instincts takeover during the grappling portion and as the losing fighter drools into the grass after being knocked completely unconscious.

“Shhhhh its ok, its ok, he’s awake. He’s awake.” The soothing sounds of a motherly voice off in the distant while you take a street MMA nap. This man got knocked out so hard he was taken back to the womb. It’s beautiful. 

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