Top 10: The Best Muay Thai Pads For Use In MMA

Rating The Best Muay Thai Pads For Mixed Martial Arts

Best Muay Thai Pads
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Muay Thai is a crucial part of an overall MMA game. From the ability to use the clinch, to it’s kicks, knees, and elbows, it is one of the best disciplines you can learn. Part of training that discipline involves using Muay Thai pads.

Muay Thai pads are an important tool when training and drilling. They are designed to cover the arms of your training partner, so you can throw a litany of strikes.  But which Muay Thai pads are the best? Today we tackle that question!

This is a list of the top 10 best Muay Thai pads. We will include a brief list of the pro’s and con’s of each product. Additionally, each product is ranked on a variety of factors, to provide you with the best options.

1. Combat Sports Thai Pads

Combat Sports Thai Pads
Combat Sports Thai Pads


The Combat Sports Thai Pads combine high quality and fair pricing, resulting in the number one spot. They have a lightweight, durable design that stands up to some serious punishment. Moreover, the fit is very comfortable, making them easy to hold.

Another excellent aspect to these thai pads, is the fact you can buy them in bulk. Therefore if you are trying to run a class, these are effective. All in all, these pads give you the best value for your money.

Combat Sports Leather MMA Muay Thai Pads


  • Good Value
  • Durable double stitching
  • Can buy in bulk


  • Sizing may be off for bigger people

2. Sanabul Battle Forged Muay Thai Pads

Sanabul Battle Forged Thai Pads
Sanabul Battle Forged Muay Thai Pads

Sanabul brings the Battle Forged Thai Pads to the table. This is Amazon’s Best Seller for pads, and it is not hard to see why. The sleek design is mixed with a extremely high quality material.

In addition to these benefits, these thai pads are also at a really good price. Despite the fact they are lightweight, they do not lose out in the ability to absorb impact. They are comfortable to hold, and can take quite the kick.

Sanabul Battle Forged Muay Thai Pads


  • Great price
  • Various colors
  • Lightweight


  • Straps not very long

3. Contender Fight Sports Thai Pad

Contender Fight Sports Thai Pads
Contender Fight Sports Thai Pads

The Contender Fight Sports Thai Pads are the cheapest pads on our list. They are made from a fairly durable vinyl material, that is great for beginners. If you are buying your first set of pads, these may be the best ones for you.

The cheap price point does result in a slight decrease in durability. Additionally, they are not curved, which is something that some people do not enjoy. Nevertheless, they are a good value for the price, and can hold up to a fair amount of punishment.

Contender Fight Sports MMA Muay Thai Pads


  • Cheap
  • Two straps for securing
  • Good for beginners


  • Non-curved design
  • Not the most durable

4. Fairtex Muay Thai Pads

Fairtex Muay Thai Pads
Fairtex Muay Thai Pads

Fairtex is one of the best manufacturers in the world, for Muay Thai products. This trend is continued with their thai pads. Although they are rather expensive, they are very worth it. They have a clean double stitching, and are made from high-quality leather for durability.

Certainly, the biggest turn off for a lot of people would be the price point. However, if you are seriously pursuing MMA or Muay Thai, then these thai pads may be the best option for you. They are hand-stitched and made of quality materials designed to last a long time.

Fairtex Curved MMA Muay Thai Pads


  • Extremely durable material
  • Handmade double stitching
  • Clean design


  • Expensive

5. Hypnotik ProMax Thai Pads

Hypnotik Promax Thai Pads
Hypnotik Promax Thai Pads

My personal favorite Thai pads on the list, the Hypnotik Promax pads are not to be trifled with. They have two designs to choose from, a sleek black or vibrant orange. Moreover, they have a nice curve to them, giving you the slap you are looking for on your kicks.

These Thai pads are a bit on the higher end of the price scale. However, they are worth the price, as they are made with a laminated non-tear material. On the other hand, this is a unique approach to pads, from a brand that is newer than some of the others on this list.

6. MaxxMMA Thai Pad

Maxxmma Thai Pad
MaxxMMA Thai Pads

The MaxxMMA Thai Pads are an interesting entry on our list, because they are only sold as singles. Although for some, this could be considered a good thing, as it makes replacing just one a lot easier. Moreover, even at buying two separately, they still end up at a good price.

These are also a good quality pad, with a reinforced handle. Furthermore, they have a thick foam padding inside. This allows for a strong ability to absorb impact. This is a great mid-range product to use for your daily kicking needs.

MaxxMMA MMA Thai Pad


  • High shock absorption
  • Ability to buy individually
  • Reinforced handle


  • Non-curved design

7. Meister XP2 Muay Thai Pads

Meister Xp2 Thai Pads
Meister Xp2 Thai Pads

Another set of extremely durable Thai pads, the Meister XP2 brings a lot to the table. They are designed to have an excellent shock absorption, with a thick 4-inch padding. Moreover, they have a nicely sculpted curve that fits well to the forearm.

The Meister XP2 Thai Pads are a bit pricey but well worth the money. They are made from high-quality leather, with strong stitching. In addition to that, the forearm straps are a great length, allowing for a good fit at all sizes.

Meister XP2 Professional Curved Thai Pads


  • Forearm straps fit well
  • Excellent curved design
  • High-quality leather


  • Expensive

8. Revgear Assassin Thai Pads

Revgear Assassin Thai Pads
Revgear Assassin Muay Thai Pads

The Assassin Thai Pads are one of the best that Revgear offers. Their curved design and double straps allow for an excellent feel while training. Furthermore, they are available in two sizes, for both smaller and larger athletes and trainers.

Additionally, these Thai pads have a nice grip handle, to help secure the pads. They are comfortable to hold, and do a great job absorbing impact. They inch towards the pricey side, but are durable and last you a while.

Revgear Assassin Muay Thai Pads


  • Available in two sizes
  • Curved design
  • Comfortable fit


  • Expensive

9. Ring To Cage Deluxe Thai Pad

Ring To Cage Deluxe Thai Pads
Ring To Cage Muay Thai Pads

By far the most expensive on our list, the Ring To Cage Muay Thai Pads are strictly for the most serious athlete or coach. They have an extremely durable design, with gel padding on the forearms, to help absorb kicks more comfortably. Furthermore, they have a great strap, with one of the most secure fits you will find.

However, it is worth noting that these Thai pads seem to be a little tough to fully break-in. They can be a bit stiff upon first arrival, which can be a turn off for some. Nevertheless, these are one of the most durable pads on the market.

Ring to Cage Deluxe Thai Pad


  • Incredibly durable
  • Gel padding on forearms
  • Ultra-secure straps


  • Very expensive
  • Tough to break-in

10. Venum Giant Thai Pads

 Venum Giant Thai Pads

The final Thai pads on our list come to you from Venum, and they are ginormous. They have a simple, but clean design, with extra padding for protection. Moreover, their straps are secured firmly to withstand some serious punishment.

They are constructed from highly durable skin flex leather. Additionally, they have a multi-layered density foam padding. Coming straight from Thailand itself, these Thai pads are beautifully crafted.

Venum Giant Kick Pads


  • High density, multi-layered foam for shock absorption
  • Bigger than average size
  • Straps with ultra-resistance laces


  • Rather bulky

So which Muay Thai Pads are the best for you?

Quite simply put, there is no right answer to that question. The best option is whatever works best for your needs. As this list has pointed out, Thai pads have various different attributes that can work for a variety of things.

However, what you can do, is take a look at our list and figure out what works best for your needs. If you are an amateur looking to start your career out, the Contender Fight Sports Thai Pads. On the other hand, if you are ultra-serious and can afford it, the Ring To Cage brand may be best. We have done the work, but the choice is yours.

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