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Still watching Cro Cop lift grown humans as a means of MMA training

Still watching Cro Cop lift grown humans as a means of MMA training

Just Cro Cop doing Cro Cop things. We need no context for this video. Our Uncle Mirko could be training for his next MMA fight or this could be any other Wednesday.

Mirko is truly the gift that keeps on giving. 2018 is coming to a close and this dude is still giving us nuggets of contents to ingest. These nuggets are also branded with a checkerboard pattern.

From a video, somewhere in an underground Croatian training compound, we have Mr. Cop getting a workout in. This isn’t your everyday workout this is a vintage Rocky IV montage kind of lift session.

Per the powerful Google Translate machine

“I do not know how to call this exercise but I regularly do it and for a specific strength and durability it does not matter. Full training for the entire body and for recreational and professional fighters. The difference is only in the number of rounds and weight of the partner. One round is shown about 1 minute. And after that 1 minute whoever can. I am working 15 rounds which is more than enough.and it is very difficult to start working with a very light partner until the body is adapted and in order to avoid injuries.Darko currently has 105 kg and for me is an ideal partner between 115 and 120 kg!”

ne znam kako bi nazvao ovu vjezbu ali ju redovito radim i za specificnu snagu i izdrzljivost joj nema premca.vrhunska vjezba za cijelo tijelo i za rekreativce i za profesionalne borce.razlika je jedino u broju rundi i težini partnera.prikazana je jedna runda koja traje oko 1 minute.i nakon toga 1 minuta tko koliko moze.ja radim 15 rundi sto je vise nego dovoljno.i jako teško.savjetujem u pocetku raditi sa osjetno laksim partnerom dok se tijelo ne adaptira i da se izbjegnu ozljede.Darko ima trenutno 105 kg a za mene je idealan partner izmedju 115 i 120 kg!👊

Posted by Mirko CroCop Filipovic on Tuesday, December 18, 2018

So just a 40-something Uncle Mirko lifting a 264 pound grown man like he’s a dumbbell. Mirko, you are a national treasure and we would personally like to subscribe to your fitness newsletter. Mirko Cro Cop is set to take on Roy Nelson at a TBD Bellator event in Feb. 2019.

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