Pics: Don’t worry Iranian Hulk Sajad Gharibi says his first MMA fight is booked, against some Brazilian

Iranian Hulk Sajad Gharibi

The legend of the Iranian Hulk is real. MMA version’s of Bruce Banner is Sajad Gharibi and the End Game is now here.

In case you were concerned Sajad Gharibi has himself a MMA fight lined up in the near future. How near? How future? Hulk says sometime in 2020 and for some reason it’s versus some Brazilian dude.

Why a heavyweight from Brazil? Not sure but probably because random Brazilian heavyweights are one of the country’s greatest exports. Jiu-Jitsu, excellent steak houses, extremely good looking people, and MMA heavyweights are the pillars of the Brazilian economy.

Probably some agriculture products thrown in the mix to, but who can really sure when heavyweights are roaming the Rio streets.

Gharibi versus a Brazilian man coming soon to a cage near you? Yes, please.

The thing is right now Gharibi is a pro body builder and part time Instagram model, in 2019 these are two of the best bases for MMA. These are facts.

Just one giant muscle winging punches as hard as humanly possible is peak heavyweight MMA. The Iranian Hulk is why MMA should abolish weight classes. Cut weight? Sajad still needs more time to bulk up.

Add some solid mass before he ever steps in a cage. Push that MMA debut back to 2021 maybe?

Also for scale, pretty much the best thing is The Iranian Hulk wearing human clothes.

To be honest MiddleEasy would just never wear clothes if lifting at Iranian Hulk levels was possible. KSW, Rizin you know what you must do next.

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