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You really should watch Hunt/Bigfoot again right here. Seriously.

You really should watch Hunt/Bigfoot again right here. Seriously.

When searching for an image for this banner I Googled, “Bigfoot Hunt” and was somewhat disappointed that I didn’t see any men with rifles and bloodhounds off to find mythical beasts lumbering through the woods. No, what I got instead was a bevy of still images of a unicorn of a fight. I may have come up short in my search for a sasquatch, but a fight like Hunt/Bigfoot is more rare than the bipedal monster. 

Fights like this only come around once every few years. You don’t need me to say it. Hunt/Bigfoot is so insane that you can’t help but laugh at some points. It’s everything that’s great about heavyweight fights, and Mark Hunt for that matter. It makes it even more impressive that forty-something mark Hunt could stand up to Bigfoot who was chock full of them PEDs.

So, you don’t really need a reason to watch this again, do you? You know what you’re getting into. Say goodbye to thirty minutes of your life, and a few brain cells by association.

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