You be The Judge: Should the ref have stopped this fight sooner?

Things move fast in an MMA fight, and to err is human, but when a fighter takes a few extra unneeded, brain-rattling shots, well, it’s your job to protect the fighter after all, Mr. Referee. However, there’s a thin line between messing up and doing a job perfectly. What a thankless job.

What we have here is a middleweight bout between Lumumba Sayers of Strikeforce fame (he’s fought some tough dudes) taking on Canaan Grigsby. The whole fight is good, but the final thirty seconds or so are in question when Lumumba takes a ton of damage. He looks out on his feet, only to take a few knockout blows that lead into his dazed animation for the Finish Him moment. 

So YOU be the judge. Should this fight have been stopped sooner? Or was it a job well done by the ref?

Props to WHOA TV for the find.

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