Dana White Reveals Post-Fight Career Health Benefits Coming For UFC Fighters

Former UFC fighters currently do not have any form of a long-term health benefit plan with White claiming in the past that it was something being worked on.

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A full-time health benefit plan could be coming for fighters according to UFC president Dana White.

As things stand, fighters do not have a long-term health benefit plan that they can utilize once their fighting careers are over.

While they are covered by a health insurance plan for any injuries sustained during a training camp or a fight, no such plan exists for long-term health issues.

Of course, the most notable long-term health issue with any combat sport is CTE, and as shown by the recent Diego Sanchez fiasco, it’s an issue the UFC take seriously from a legal standpoint.

And now, it looks like the UFC is finally working on a long-term health benefit plan.

White Hints Plan Coming Soon

UFC commentator Karyn Bryant recently held a Q&A for fans to ask White any question they wanted.

One fan decided to take the opportunity to ask White if the UFC would offer full-time health benefits to fighters post-retirement.

“Will the UFC ever offer their fighters full time health benefits so they can have them after their careers are over and possibly deal with life altering issues from fighting,” the fan wrote.


“Soon,” White responded.

It should be noted that White has claimed the same in the past as per MMA Junkie.

That said, this is the first acknowledgement from the UFC head honcho of a benefits package since 2011 so for now, the signs are promising.

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