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Weidman says Machida > Anderson

Weidman says Machida > Anderson
Did you guys know that Lyoto Machida is a superior fighter to Anderson Silva? Me neither, but it’s not like I have the ability to punch a hole in Silva’s chest. What I’m trying to say is that I’m not Chris Weidman, because I neither know nor can do the things listed above, among other various reasons. 
Apparently the champ knows his current challenger is tougher than his former dance partner, even if he hasn’t stepped in the cage with the Dragon yet. 
But hey, perhaps I know some stuff the middleweight champ doesn’t! Does he know what occurs during the series finale of “Luther?” Probably not. Has he seen the French film “Blue is the Warmest Color?” I doubt it. My point is: the world would be dull if everyone knew and did the same stuff—or something like that.
Either way check out this video of New York’s finest dishing out some pre-fight thoughts as the media engulfs him in a sea of microphones. 

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