WE NEED YOU! Here’s how to join the upcoming MiddleEasy EA UFC 2 Grand Prix


MiddleEasy is very proud to present the inaugural MiddleEasy EA UFC 2 Grand Prix.

As UFC 3 approaches on February 2nd it’s time to reflect on the great game that was EA UFC 2. To celebrate the release of EA UFC 3 we’re holding a Grand Prix tournament for both fighters and fans.

The rules are listed below:

  • The grand finals will be held on Saturday January 27th at 7:00 pm ET/4:00 pm PT
  • PS4 exclusive competition. Sorry, Xbox
  • You can register by tweeting or DMing me your PSN Account. (See below)
  • The matches will run throughout the January 20th to 27th.
  • The matchups will be held at players decided time.
  • If a match doesn’t happen in time the player who couldn’t make it will be DQed
  • It’ll hopefully be a 32-person field but can modify if needed
  • If it’s oversubscribed, players will be chosen at random.
  • Fighters get automatic entry into the competition.
  • The grand finals and fighter matches will be streamed on Twitch.
  • Stay tuned for possible prizes courtesy of EA Sports
  • Created Players are not allowed.
  • Be respectful.
  • If a connection breaks the person who lost connection losses

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