Video: Possibly drunk Nick Diaz walks around Target looking to buy The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Nick Diaz and Zelda

Just going to hum The Legend of Zelda theme song throughout this entire post. Nick Diaz hanging out in Target is always good content.

This may be the best “MMA Fighter in a store” video since Wanderlei Silva jump scared Flavor Flav at a Whole Foods.

Speaking of retired MMA welterweights and their mental health, there is the curious case of Nick Diaz.

Diaz semi-retired from human cage fighting, took a vacation to Las Vegas to party, and pretty much never left.

As luck would have it, Diaz is making his own trip back to the 209 this week. Not for nothing but our homie looks like he’s been on a four year Vegas bender. Has retired life been a good thing for Diaz?

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Mama, I’m comin home 🛫🌮🌯

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Everyone has that one friend in their crew who is just way too into planning trips and going to VEGAS (all caps). Never thought the oldest Diaz brother would morph into that guy in his post-fight career.

Look, partying/drinking/smoking, and staying out all night is cool. Like everything in life though, it has to be done in moderation. For anyone who has followed Diaz for the past few years, it feels like he’s not doing anything in moderation.

Out of concern, maybe the MMA world should be a little more concerned with Diaz’s partying ways. Who knows. Maybe folks are overreacting and Diaz’s vampire lifestyle is not a mask covering up something much deeper.

For now Diaz just wants to play Zelda on Nintendo Switch and who can blame him for that?

*Over the Target loudspeakers* *static* ” Um yeah we got a Diaz Brother in electronics. I repeat we got a Diaz Brother over in electronics…..that’s what’s up.”

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