MMA Rundown

Watch: UFC’s Tom Lawlor makes pro wrestling debut, kills Silas Mason with filthy suplex

Alright maybe there is something to this MMA to pro wrestling crossover. Forget about your Tito Ortiz and Rampage Jackson hitting each other with tire irons in TNA wrestling. Led by the likes of Shayna Baszler and Matt Riddle, a new generation of former UFC stars is putting in work in the squared circle.

Coming to the pro wrestling ring next is TUF vet and UFC light heavyweight Tom Lawlor. Already the king of weigh-in and dramatic fighter walk-outs, Lawlor could be the next great crossover combat sports pro. Lawlor already has some experience managing/cornering wrestlers in Ring of Honor and he finally made his wrestling debut over the weekend in Vegas.

Check some highlights from Lawlor’s pro wrestling rookie run and watch out for a nasty suplex on his opponent Silas Mason.

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