Watch every violent brawl that went down on Russia’s Big Brother reality show

I envision Russian karate includes a copious amount of waiting in line and all belt tests are filmed with dashboard cameras. Russia, that country must put 80% of their scientific endeavors into improving the technology of documenting live car crashes on the highway. Seriously, go to YouTube and the site is littered with Russian dashboard compilations — like this thirteen-minute one. They’re addictive. The type of addiction that can only be cured when your boss catches you wasting your valuable work time with a dude nearly getting sandwiched to death by two incoming cars.

Eventually the Russian dashboard scene will combine with reality shows and we’ll get some ridiculous video of a guy winning a house challenge by destroying a car — bonus stage of Street Fighter 2 style. Until that day people will continue to get involved in brawls and MiddleEasy will publish the incident on the front page of the site — sort of like this clip from every fight that went down in Russia’s Big Brother.

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