Wanderlei Silva Banned 4 Lyfe and Fined $70,000

These NSAC hearings today were almost as exciting as those free scrap booking classes that Tobias Funke was treated to by the cast of Law & Order. Who would have thought, right? It’s just supposed to be dull stuff, but now we can all live the excitement of NSAC hearings like we are living on the edge of a lightning bolt thanks to Fight Pass. If it seems weird to you that the UFC promotes their fighters being punished by a regulatory body as an event to be excited over, you aren’t alone.

We already know what happened in the case of Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier, but what about our favorite gremlin, Wanderlei Silva? Apparently he was handed down a harsh sentence of owing $70,000 and being banned FOR LIFE. No, this isn’t the nWo that is asking for a lifetime commitment, this is the NSAC (NAC?!) saying that if you leave the site of a drug test you get banned for life, whereas if you fail multiple drug tests you get a few slaps on the wrist.

He’s already retired, man, you can’t hurt him.

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