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Video: Watch Alexandra Albu Twerks on Her Bed in Celebration of Her UFC 214 Win

Sometimes words can only separate mankind from their true desires. With that in mind, here is a Instagram video of Alexandra Albu jumping on her bed and shaking her booty after UFC 214.

(Embed temporarily down: Click here for video)

Как это было! Как я скидывала последние 2 килограмма😁👌🏼

A post shared by Alexandra (@stitchalbu) on Jul 31, 2017 at 11:26am PDT

This video walks that borderline between goofy and erotic. I’m not going to lie; I’m into it.

The caption roughly translates to say, “How was that! This is how I cut the last 2 kilograms.”

I can only imagine this is the kind of weigh cutting reform that Andy Foster and the CSAC wanted for the sport.

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