Video: So Russia MMA promo FNG unveiled their manatee mascot, hope he gets punched

Russian MMA just won’t stop until it defeats Japanese MMA in the battle to see what region of the world has the most batshit crazy version of human cage fighting. If you thought nothing could top Rizin’s Cup of Noodles mascot brand tie-in then we give you Russia’s Fight Nights Global and their hybrid sea creature.

Is it a walrus? Is it a sea lion? It has to be a manatee and we don’t know what that has to do with mixed martial arts. Manatees or sea cows are known for the ability to float near their food source and eat without really moving. This Russian manatee MMA mascot has to be a deep insider reference on the beauties of Russian Sambo? Has to be.

Important Event Update: WTF IS THIS?????

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