Video: Nate Diaz, Brendan Schaub debate gets hilarious “the moment you knew he f**ked up” edit

Brendan Schaub vs Diaz

Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor was such a global event that it gave anyone the ability to have an opinion on the super-fight-freak-show. *Camera pans to Brendan Schaub*. The Mayweather versus McGregor didn’t necessarily bring out the best of combat sports analysis it just pretty much confirmed that if you already had a trash fire takes on either MMA or boxing those same verbal acts of garbage just crossed over to a new audience.

If your MMA or boxing breakdown skills already sucked, May-Mac just reaffirmed some combat sports pundits already shitty opinions.

In completely, 1,000 percent unrelated news here’s video of Nate Diaz and Brendan Schaub debating the first four rounds of Mayweather vs. McGregor in a heated backstage argument. Thanks to the power of The Internet this Diaz vs. Schaub debate gets subtitles and an entertaining “the moment you knew he fucked up” edit from a Diaz bros perspective.

*Photo courtesy of Esther Lin of Showtime Boxing*

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