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Video: Joe Lauzon defends Reebok-UFC deal, gets endlessly attacked by his own fans for it

Joe Lauzon is a man on island. On this island, Lauzon may be tied to a Reebok designed chair with his arms crossed up by some poorly crafted Reebok rope. Joe Lauzon, blink twice if Reebok has kidnapped you or anyone of your family members.

When 99.99% of the UFC roster is loathing the company’s apparel deal with Reebok, Lauzon is a man who stands on the side of defending the sports brand. In a world filled bashing and shitting on all things Reebok, Lauzon is diving in front of oncoming fire to protect his beloved clothing company? What the fuck is going on here?

The Human Bonus Machine did an interview on The MMA Hour where he defended Reebok, then doubled downed on Twitter to further establish that he may have or may not have been brainwashed by Reebok clad robots. Then rightfully so, Lazuon’s own fans buried their leader underneath a hurricane of Reebok hate.

Full MMA Hour Interview, fast forward to the 1:12:00 mark to hear Joe Lauzon lobby on behalf of his Reebok overlords.

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