Joe Lauzon Doubles Down: Next Fight Is ‘Cowboy Or Bust’

Joe Lauzon says it's 'Cowboy or bust' in regards to his next fight in the UFC.

Donald Cerrone Lauzon

Joe Lauzon says it’s “Cowboy or bust” in regards to his next fight inside the UFC’s Octagon.

Joe Lauzon says it’s “Cowboy or bust”

Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone and Lauzon have been slated to fight several times. Initially, the fight was to take place at UFC Fight Night on April 30. However, the UFC then moved the fight to UFC 274 on May 7 for undisclosed reasons.

On fight night, however, the fight was scrapped as Cerrone fell ill and was unable to compete. The bout was moved to UFC on ESPN 37 in Austin this past weekend. But oddly enough, the fight was again scrapped on fight night.

This time due to an injury suffered by Lauzon. Lauzon was very vocal about this potentially being the last fight of his fighting career, and how greatly he desired for the fight with Cerrone to happen.

With the recent string of bad luck in regards to a Cerrone fight in particular, Lauzon was asked on “Unlocking The Cage” with Jimmy Smith if he still wants to fight Cerrone. Simply put, for Lauzon, it’s still “Cowboy or bust.”

“I definitely want this fight now,” Lauzon said. “We’ve spent too much time getting ready for Cowboy to not go and see it through. For me right now, it’s definitely Cowboy or bust. That’s the fight I want, I think that’s the fight he wants, I understand, it sucks the way its worked out.

“I’m sure Dana is unhappy about how it worked out, right? But I promise, Cowboy and I are way more upset, and way more bummed out about it, and put in way more effort than the UFC has. So it’s like, I understand, but I think it should still happen. Just because it didn’t work out the first two times doesn’t mean it won’t work out the third time.

“They’re completely unrelated things, completely random, freak things. Cowboy getting sick, never happened before. My knee getting locked up and popping out like that, never happened before. Just completely freak things.”

Lauzon added that Cerrone called him shortly after the news of his injury, stating he wants to fight Lauzon when he’s 100 percent healthy, not injured. Also, despite UFC president Dana White’s claims that he won’t book the fight again, Lauzon believes that, ultimately, the UFC will take another crack at it.

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