Video has emerged of police knocking on Aleksander Emelianenko’s door and detaining him, check it out

Yesterday we posted a story about Aleksander Emelianenko allegedly putting someone in the hospital at a cafe in Moscow and today we followed up with even more details about the cafe beatdown.

Aleksander Emelianenko has always lived in the shadow of his brother, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been interesting. Maybe he’s come to the realization that he won’t surpass his brother’s fame with his fighting ability, so he’s trying to out crazy him instead. Today, it appears that police have detained him and we even have video of it compliments of @KnockoutFootage.

Even with the laundry list of crazy things that Aleksander has done, I mean, he killed a bear with nothing but a stick and a knife. I’m still more terrified of Fedor, there is something that just shakes me to my core about a man that could render another human unconscious and show no emotion on his face and just slightly raise his fist. Fedor is scarier than any Takashi Miike’s nightmares and that’s something that no one is ready to face.

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