Video: After choking out Chris Beal, Joe Soto slaps him on the ass one, two, eight times!?!

Joe Soto is super into butts. When Soto sees an ass he like he just has to slap or touch it. Rather than be weirded out by this butt obsession, you kind of have to appreciate Soto’s dedication to his life passion. Because grabbing and slapping the ass of an opponent you just rear naked choked in the UFC doesn’t seem like the best time to elaborate on your fetish.

Yes, butts are awesome but Joe Soto thinks butts are really awesome.

Remember when “Dabbing” captured the NFL’s heart as the 2015 end zone dance to do? Maybe’s Soto’s version of post-fight touch butt can be the new victory dance that sweeps the MMA nation. Is it too late to had Soto’s signature celebration into EA UFC 2?

After going 0-3 in his first three UFC fights, watch as Soto celebrates his third round choke out of Chris Beal by repeatedly grabbing and smacking the ass of his opponent.

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