A Lesson in Street MMA: If your pants are down you can still win on style points

Street MMA ass out

There’s getting caught with your pants down and then one level up from that is fighting with your pants down. In Street MMA there is no strictly enforced uniform policy.

Sorry, not sorry Reebok.

If you want to fight someone with your ass completely hanging out, you have our blessing. Don’t let a cool breeze tickling your butt stop you from some Street MMA ground n’ pound. Sure your ass is exposed to the world but you really should finish that takedown right in the middle of the road.

From the mean streets of Ireland we have two dudes punching the hell out of each other in the middle of traffic. Oh and one guy’s pants are completely past his knees. Why? How? LOL?

During the grappling exchange on the road we were this close to the fight flipping into north-south position. So close.

Honestly being half naked when your fighting for position should give you the edge in quickness. Is fighting bottomless from top position a performance enhancer?

Still don’t know how this guy’s pants got so far down past his ass. Respect for not hesitating at all and continuing with the Street fight. Sometimes fighter’s hearts are bigger than their heads but our Irish dude’s ass was simply too small for his pants.

Overt your eyes or just watch a half naked dude climb atop another dude in a fight.

We are all the guy in the background just staring lasers into the naked dude’s butt.

H/T to our favorite Irish Lass Kicker/Best Dog Mom @FitnessByBlue for the find.

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