Still watching this video of Conor McGregor walking on rail in a park to train wrestling defense

Conor McGregor touch butt again

Look, we don’t care if this Conor McGregor is two, five, or 10 years old, its still funny as hell. Just when we all thought we were done with touch butt in the park, it pulls us right back in.

We can’t quit you touch butt.

We are somehow less than three weeks away from UFC 229. Conor McGregor is actually getting back into an UFC cage and we couldn’t be happier. This is really happening. McGregor vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov is so close to happening, we can feel it. Kind of like people feel on butts at your local park but we digress.

There are only two ways Conor vs. Khabib plays out. One, Khabib wrestles and ground n’pounds a smaller, rusty fighter to a dominate win. Mystic Mac once again flies too close to the sun and he pays for it in embarrassing fashion.

Or maybe Khabib’s striking ability is just that bad still. Mac pieces him up before any grappling exchanges happen and McGregor melts the MMA world in the palm of his hands once again.

Two very different scenarios and only one can happen on Saturday, October 6th in Las Vegas. So hyped.

The only thing that could get us more excited for this fight is if we knew for sure McGregor was training in the park for it. Please let this video below be true. Please let it be recent.

Can’t stop watching Conor McGregor walk on dirty park handrails all in the name of balance and wrestling defense. What a glorious, very talented idiot.

Thank you Mac, remember that time you couldn’t jump on a balance beam to save your life? Long live touch butt training methods.

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