Video: Mini Blessed reacting to his Dad losing is sad but also the realest thing

Max Holloway Mini Blessed

Remember that one time Mark Coleman brought his daughters in the ring after Fedor pounded him? Max Holloway and Mini Blessed at UFC 236 is kind of like that.

Only completely different.

There are a couple of school thoughts on the children of fighters sitting front row at a cage fight. Also, the idea of the UFC having a camera in a kid’s face looking for a reaction. Like all Internet topics in 2019 there really is no right answer and just a ton of shades of grey.

First, Max Holloway, Mini Blessed, and Mother of Mini Blessed can do whatever they like. They’re the parents. There’s bring your kid to work day, then 100 levels above that is Mini Blessed chilling at all of Max’s fights. Little man has been there for all the highlights and wins, so a loss and a bitter defeat had to happen eventually.

Mini Max Holloway learned a valuable life lesson Saturday night at UFC 236. What that lesson is? Well, that’s up to his parents to say but it likely is something about life not going your way all the time and nobody in this world is perfect.

Now it’s time to give props to the UFC. Yeah, that’s right. On the pay-per-view broadcast, how easy would it be for the UFC to have a camera on the losing fighter’s family? Other sports do it all the time, but to their credit the UFC has never gone this route.

Good on the UFC for showing some compassion here.

That being said, Mini Blessed’s reaction to his Dad losing at UFC 236 may be one of the realest moments in all of MMA. Pure heartbreak and it kind of puts everything into perspective.

Good on you Mini Max, the MMA world still has your back.

Check out the full episode of UFC 236: The Thrill and the Agony below.

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