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Tito Ortiz Calls Out Logan Paul After Embarrassing KO Loss: “We lost our last fights, let’s entertain our fans”

Tito Ortiz used his knockout loss as a positive by calling out Logan Paul to a match, explaining that since both men loss, they should fight.

Tito Ortiz Calls Out Logan Paul After Embarrassing KO Loss: “We lost our last fights, let’s entertain our fans”

Tito Ortiz is trying to turn his embarrassing loss from Anderson Silva into a fight against Logan Paul. While his logic eerily makes sense, it’ll be up to Logan to determine if the battle comes to fruition. 

Triller Fight Club Co-Main Event

Ortiz spoke confidently about his ability to defeat Anderson Silva before their co-main event on Triller Fight Club. Speaking to the fans on social media, Ortiz explained his underrated boxing experience and his ability to land powerful shots and apply a tremendous amount of pressure. Similar to the style of his MMA career, which was designed around ground and pound.

Unfortunately for Ortiz, he was on the wrong side of a one-sided fight that caused him to be a meme. Tito came out aggressive, hoping to catch Anderson with a power shot early on in the contest. However, similar to his MMA career, Silva used his evasion to dodge virtually every strike Ortiz threw. It didn’t take long before Ortiz threw a combination of 4 right hooks in a row, which, again, Silva escaped them all. 

Ortiz Calls Out Logan Paul

However, this time, Silva countered with a strike that sent Ortiz to the ropes and then out cold to the canvas. Although the loss was embarrassing, Ortiz tried to turn the moment into a positive. Knowing that Logan Paul lost his last fight to Floyd Mayweather, he took to social media to call Paul for a fight.

“Logan Paul, we lost our last fights. Let’s entertain our fans (for) Triller ASAP,” wrote Ortiz.

Mayweather vs. Paul I

As expected, Floyd Mayweather virtually toyed around with Logan Paul for eight rounds in their first encounter. On multiple occasions, Cameras caught Floyd on video smiling for nearly the entire fight. He feinted, ducked, dodged, and threw counter punches when he felt like it. He tired out Paul, then walked him down to the ropes to prove to the world that he wasn’t concerned with Logan’s power.

Controversially, there was a moment in the fight where Mayweather allegedly knocked out Paul. But instead of letting him fall to the ground, they stood held together, clinching until the end of the round. Virtually, the fight was one-sided. 

After losing to Mayweather, Paul vowed to knock him out to get another chance against Floyd. So it’s more likely that Paul will chase a rematch with Mayweather, a bigger money draw, than Ortiz. 




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