‘I’d Knock You Clean Out With A Jab,’ Darren Till And Mike Perry Re-Ignite Rivalry In Loom Of Potential Fight

Till and Perry turn in a verbal spar ahead of a long-awaited grudge match.

Till Perry
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Things are heating up again between Darren Till and Mike Perry.

Years after their infamous sparring session and much online back-and-forth, the MMA frenemies are re-hashing their age-old argument: who would win in a fist fight?

Till & Perry Go At It

That question has yet to be answered but perhaps a matchup between the two fighters may finally end up happening as Till is now a free agent after his UFC departure. Sounds like a plan to ‘Platinum’.

“I’ve been being nice, so you would come on and maybe we could get a fight started between us and it’ll finally happen,” Perry said to Till in a face-to-face interview on The Overdogs Podcast.  

For Till, that’s also fine by him.

“That’s all I want right now, Michael, is just to fight you,” Till replied. “May the best man win. I’m done talking sh*t now, mate. What more is there to say to each other? Like, we were meant to fight.”

“Bullsh*t!” Perry interrupted. “You’re all over Twitter, you talk shit every day.

“That’s to get the fight,” Till explained. “But I’m face to face you now what do you want me to say that I haven’t already said? I just wanna fight you and knock you clean out. Like, come on mate.”

The A-Side And The B-Side

It might not be 2018, where Till and Perry’s rivalry first began, but the dynamic duo believe the time is now for a super-fight of sorts.

“We’re in our thirties now,” Perry said. “We’ve done the sh*t talking. People pay attention. You got one of the biggest fan bases in the sport of fighting, the UK fan base. I got some of them too.”

Till, who before was a bigger star than Perry, gives his rival some props. 

“I think yours is a little bit bigger now because you are sorta I, I’m Realiz Mike, I feel like you’re a little bit higher than me now. You’ve been winning fights very good, A’s and P’s, I think you’re just a little bit ahead of me now. So it’s like you’re the A-side and I’m the B side. That’s no problem.”

“It’s nice to come in as an underdog, but it’s harder to come in as the favorite and do what you’re supposed to do,” Perry said. “That’s what I’ve been doing lately. I prove people right. You are on a skid, that makes you a tough fight.”

Till: ‘It’s Gonna Be An Easy Fight’

Where will that ‘tough fight’ happen, if it happens? Well, Perry’s home in Bare-Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) might just have to do, if not a traditional boxing match as both men have taken interest in.

While Perry is undefeated inside the BKFC ring with wins over Michael ‘Venom’ Page, Julian Lane and Luke Rockhold, Till is more than confident that he has the edge in the striking department.

“We were gonna fight in what I feel is my specialty,” Till pointed out. “Your specialty is power and, and pure toughness. My specialty is beating guys like you. So, I think it’s gonna be an easy fight if I fight you.

“MVP thought it was gonna be easy too,” Perry responded.

Yeah, He’s different though. He’s got no power like me,” Till said.

‘Get It Over And Done With’

It’s been some time since Perry locked horns with Till, having had a past sparring session behind closed doors. Fast forward to now and Till reflects on the spar and tells how he’ll get the job done against Perry in a potential second encounter.

“I’m not gonna lie. I looked rough after it was a tough session,” Till said. “Mike, I have to be honest mate, my boxing’s just on fire at the moment. I think I would probably knock you out with a jab. Like, and it’s just me being real, bro. I’m like, I dunno man. I think I’d knock you clean out with a jab.”

“I like fist fighting more than I like grappling, obviously. I’ve never turned down a fight and I just want to fucking fight Mike Perry because we had a spa. We’ve had back and forths and all the shit talk that he was on this stage of the week doing with all these fake YouTubers and all that. That ain’t me. Like I shit talk, but I’m a real f*cking fighter and I just wanna fucking fight Mike Petty and that’s it. Get it over and done with.”

“Do I respect him? Yeah,” Till said of Perry. “Do I like him? Some days, yeah. Some days, no. There’s nothing else. Do you want to fight?”

Challenge Accepted

Count Mike Perry in.

“I accept it, I wanna fight you too,” Perry responded. “The bigger they are, the harder they fall! I’m doing it for short kings everywhere!

“Bullshit statements,” Till said to Perry. “That’s what Greeks used to f*cking say. The bigger they are the harder they hit.”

“Tell that to Mike Tyson, bro,” Perry continued. “Short kings everywhere. He used to beat the shit outta you big tall fat fucks back in the day. A couple of these fucking slips and hammers coming up your way, boy.”

Watch the full face-to-face interview below.

Published on September 30, 2023 at 10:00 pm
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